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Facebook Ads Management Agency

Efficient Targeting is a Facebook Ads Management Agency we take a ROI focused approach to creating & managing Facebook ads, using thought out strategies that where built through years of experience with handling Facebook ad accounts throughout many industries.


Our Process

Facebook Ads Discovery

We take the time to learn your business model, what makes you unique, and what speaks to your customers.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Using the information we obtained through discovery, we work together to build your unique content strategy.

Facebook Ads Implementation

Our team gets to work executing the strategy. You sit back and watch users start pouring into your website.


Facebook Ads Management Agency

There are many technical aspects to running an effective Facebook ads campaign. Efficient Targeting’s Facebook Ads Management team researches your business and develops a strategy that maximizes your ROI.

Once the strategy is agreed on, The Efficient Targeting team sets up your account, campaigns, and ad groups & fine-tunes your account to perfection.

Efficient Targeting SEO Team
Efficient Targeting SEO


Why Choose Us

Personalized Discovery

We at Efficient believe that every business is unique. We take the time to ask a lot of questions about your company so we can build your strategy accordingly.

CMO for Hire

Utilize our staff of Web developers, graphic designers, content writers & Google Ads specialists as your in-house marketing team.

Proven Track Record

Not sure if we can come through? Ask us for references and we will give you the name of some of our clients! Feel free to ask them what we are capable of!


Frequently Asked Questions

As a business owner, you need to consider that there are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. On average, a Facebook user clicks on 11 Facebook ads per month. Getting your ad in front of the correct audience dramatically increases the chance of them making a purchase.

Once your account is set up, you will start seeing traffic on your ads almost immediately. Optimizing your account and audiences may take some time.

Facebook Ads is very much like a switch; if you turn it on, it’s working; the traffic and conversions will stop immediately if you turn it off.

Whether it be eCommerce or a service-based business, more than likely, your customers are using the internet and social media. Having your brand in front of targeted audiences is a great way to generate business.

Facebook Ads is constantly evolving. Facebook is always changing its algorithms, some of which they let us know and some they don’t. Our job is to stay on top of these constant changes and implement them on our client’s accounts.

We sure do! Local Facebook Ads have different variables than national targeting or even global campaigns. Local Facebook Ads focus on smaller areas like cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Using geo-targeting we can easily achieve this.

That is our bread and butter. We thrive in the environment of analyzing millions of users in multiple audiences viewing your ads and optimizing accordingly.

Besides SEO, Efficient Targeting offers Google Ads management, Facebook Ads Management, Website development & design, and digital marketing consulting. We like to think of ourselves as CMOS for hire; we integrate into your company as much as possible to learn your business. That helps maximize our capability to execute your digital marketing strategy.

To find out more call: (201) 371-3103 or contact us here.

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